Top Stair Lift Options

What is a stair lift?

A stair lift is a kind of lift that has chair fitted to it and can be lowered or raised near by the staircase edge. These lifts are designed for domestic use so that people with impaired health and mobility difficulties can move in house without any effort. The seniors in the house have the main accessibility to these lifts to make their life easy.

Types: Stair Lifts come is 2 basic variants- curved and straight.

Choosing stair lift- A House remedy

Stair lifts work as the best solution when it comes to mobility of elderly people at home. One can simple get seated in the chair provided in the stair shaped lift and easily move up or down in the house. This kind of lifts is made keeping the safety issues in mind. The stair lift can take to any level in the house. Points to keep in mind when you buy one-

  • The structure of the house. Consider the structure as the types of stair lift you need to buy depends on that. You will require a straight lift to rise up the stairs without any interruptions and take smalls bends. The straight ones come cheaper to the curved ones. Straight ones range from $3000 to $ 5000. Whereas the curved one ranges around $10000 to $15000. The reason being so expensive is the capability to turn at corners and also the installation complexity.
  • Check for weather-proof quality for outdoor use
  • Check the chair quality. You must note that to make the journey safe the chair needs a proper armrest and foot-stands. For cases where you purchase it for specially-abled people you need to make sure that the seat has a seat belt attached to it. There should be breaks as well.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that you should consider when you are thinking about purchasing and installing a stair lift in your home. If you have been suffering from mobility issues in your own home, you really should consider getting one. You will be surprised at how much happier you will be when you seamlessly go from one level to another.