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It is not just the affordability of mobile homes that attracts seniors. The amenities that are offered in most 55 and over mobile home parks are also a big plus. Most mobile home parks offer many of the same amenities and activities that are found in traditional style age-restricted communities. Of course, the amenities and activities offered depend on the specific mobile home park and, in some instances, the region of the country where the park is located. Amenities such as community centers, gym memberships and community pools attracted seniors.


For many sufficient seniors, choosing to live in a mobile home park is an affordable alternative to being apart of a traditional family home or senior community. Mobile homes, commonly referred to as prefabricated homes, are more affordable than traditional housing solutions and require much less maintenance. Because of the affordability of mobile homes, many more seniors can enjoy retiring to the warm weather of the south and west. A relaxed senior community away from the hot weather could be mobile home parks in Vermont or Ohio.


Most age-restricted mobile home communities are located near towns, shopping areas and medical centers A lot of the locations are adjacent to the golf course or have one close by. Some locations have waterfront property for boating, fishing and enjoying other water activities, while others are located in areas nearby oceans, lakes or rivers. Many 55 and over mobile home parks are gated communities that provide twenty-four hour security for their residents. Senior mobile communities are usually on paved roads, near the center of town, easy to find or visit often.

Senior mobile homes are a great alternative to expensive senior living. First you can identify the location where you want to retire and then you can start researching mobile home parks that are just for seniors. This means the noise level will be down and you will find it very easy to make new friends considering everyone is around the same age. Enjoy all that senior mobile homes have to offer today!