Medical Alert Guide

A medical alert system, sometimes also called a medical alarm system, is a type of technology that is capable of alerting the necessary authorities in an emergency situation by the single press of a button. Medical alert systems will usually work on a wireless system and resemble a pendant. When the button is pressed, the device is pre-programmed to send a signal, to a central control station, which in turn will alert emergency response systems. Emergency responders are able to locate the location of the device by a built-in GPS function. This device is most commonly used by elderly or disabled people.

Medical alarm systems have been around for at least 40 years now. In its early days, it relied more on radio technology, mixed with analog technology that was available in those days. Compared to the devices found today, they were not nearly as high-tech, therefore not as reliable. However, those early devices kickstarted the whole concept of being able to contact ambulatory services in a relatively simple and easy way. Therefore, it was a boon for those people who lived alone and may otherwise have difficulty contacting the outside world. In the US, the first company to offer such a service was the American International Telephone Company. 

Different Types of Devices

Medical alert systems come in different types of devices, even though they are all designed to alert emergency response teams. Some types can be worn on the wrist like a watch, some come as a pendant that can be worn around the neck, and others are worn on the belt or located on a cell phone. There are alert systems that are not necessarily worn by the person. These types are attached to the wall in a room that uses a combination of motion detection and radar technology. These devices use artificial intelligence to figure out if a person has fallen, and then automatically contacts emergency services.

Who Provides the Devices?

In most cases, it will either be a phone service provider or a company that specializes in this sort of technology. Companies that specialize in medical alert technology will install and teach users how to use them and also do necessary updates. Hospitals and retirement homes that use these systems will sometimes have volunteers that set up and operate them. Universities also use alert systems and it is usually done through their CCTV system. 

An interesting development in the medical alert system technology is the smartphone-based app, that is designed to alert when necessary. Android even has an app that detects when a person falls and does not get up for a period of time. This trend is not surprising considering how common, smartphones and apps have become in peoples lives. 

For those people who are fashion conscious, there is a jewelry option. Medical alert devices designed to look like designer bracelets or necklaces are also available. In this day and age, finding general information on medical alerts is very easy.