Handicap Vans For All

There are many different new types of handicap accessible vans for wheelchair users to drive or ride as a passenger in, as well as many different manufacturers. In a wheelchair accessible van, you may ride seated in your manual wheelchair or power chair (but not in a scooter).  You do not necessarily need to transfer.  A securement system will secure your chair to the floor of the vehicle, and will include lap and shoulder seat belts for your safety.

Some types of wheelchair accessible van conversions make it possible for you to drive while seated in your manual wheelchair or power chair, or ride in the right front position of the van.                                          
If you prefer, you may transfer into one of the van’s other seats.  For easier transfers, a powered transfer seat base can be installed in the driver’s position or front passenger position.  This powered base moves the van seat rearward, away from the dash or steering wheel, then swivels toward the center of the van into a more comfortable position for transferring.

For individuals who are unable to afford new wheelchair vans, the availability of used wheelchair vans can make the impossible, possible. Mobility freedom and independence are within the reach of even those with limited financial resources. With a vehicle customized for the disabled, a handicapped or disabled driver or passenger can travel safely and comfortably. Traveling to work, running errands, taking vacations, visiting family, and going to doctor’s appointments are all easily maneuvered with a properly equipped vehicle.  

There are several important things that should be considered when shopping used handicap vans. The reliability, age of the vehicle, type and age of modifications, features, and availability of a warranty should all be considered prior to purchasing. In addition, knowing the seller’s reputation for sales, customer service, possible financing, and repair service should be considered. Purchasing a used vehicle has several benefits in addition to the money savings.

Trying to find a vehicle to meet the needs of the handicapped person can be frustrating and time consuming. Knowing your precise needs before you start looking, will help filter the search ,making it more time efficient. Searching the Internet is an excellent tool for locating potential used handicap vans. While you may not be able to find the precise van for your needs, finding one with substantially all your needs and the possibility of slight modifications to make it more to your specifications are certainly possible. However, finding the right one can be a long process and one you will not want to give up on.

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